Design Project

Goal: To analyze a story and its characters as if analyzing a script. To choose a time period and develop a concept for the story. To gather evocative and factual research to inspire and inform costume design choices. To work though the steps of the design process. To present final costume renderings for two characters.

This project is broken into 4 parts due throughout the remaining weeks of the semester.

*You will be turning in all parts of this assignment together when you present your final design*

You were assigned a fairytale and time period in class. You must stick with these parameters.

Part 1: Analysis: Analyze a story and its characters as if analyzing a script.

Due: 10.17

First read

  1. What was your initial impression of this story?

Plot Breakdown

  1. List the events of the story. Bullet points of action.
  2. From those plot points, identify the following:
  • the inciting moment
  • the main conflict
  • the climax
  • the resolution

4. Choose at least one of the following types of conflict present within the story and describe what the conflict is.

  • Person vs. Self
  • Person vs. Person
  • Person vs. Society
  • Person vs. Nature
  • Person vs. Machine
  • Person vs. the fate of the Supernatural

Character Analysis

  1. List and describe all the characters involved in the story.

Who are they (antagonist, protagonist, supporting character)?

What facts do you know about them?  (Position/status, age, relationship to others, etc.)

Look up the meaning of their names.

What central want/hope/dream drives them through the story?

How do the character’s lives change throughout the story?


  1. What are the main themes? What is the moral of the story?


  1. What is the mood of the story?


  1. If this story were to be presented as a play or a dance piece, what form/style do you see it taking and WHY? (Ballet, Modern, Lyrical, Drama, Comedy, Melodrama, Opera, Musical, Theater for Young Audience, Realism, Absurdism, etc.)

*The answer to this question will be important to the development of your concept!*


You will turn in:

Your typed and printed responses to the questions above. Please, use formal writing (no contractions, please!). 12pt double spaced font. Digital submissions will not be accepted.


You will be graded upon:

The thoroughness and depth of your analysis and the professional quality of your paper.