Congratulations! You have found your way to my course website.  I use these pages as review material and project explanation for a number of my costuming classes offered in the School of Theatre & Dance at Illinois State University and Srinakharinwirot Univerisity of Bangkok, Thailand.


If you have stumbled across this site due to the magic of search engines, please know that the information here reinforces conversations that I have had in class with my students. Sometimes those conversations take a casual tone.  I do not intend for this website to serve as a source of scholarly research, but I am happy for you to utilize it if it is helpful for you.

To my lovely students:

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~lauren m. lowell~

Illinois State University

THE 130 : Introduction to Costume Design

THE 331 : Costume History I

THE 334 : Costume History II

Srinakharinwirot University

CDM 142: History & Style of Costume