What you will do:

1. Seek out Factual and evocative inspiration for the world of your assigned text. Images should speak to period, location, fashion, and character personalities as well as the mood, tone and themes of the text. You are trying to capture the script as a whole through whatever inspires you. You should strive to balance the factual (clothes specific to location and assigned time period) and evocative types of research (things that speak to the more abstract aspects of the world of the play). USE BOOKS. DO NOT RELY ON THE INTERNET!!!!

2. Chose Key Images that capture the world that you are trying to create. Remember that you are trying to capture the script as a whole…not just a particular scene or character.

3. Present those images in some hardcopy manner–a collage, a binder a folder. Please, do not turn in digital versions of your research. I cannot guarantee that my computer will open them even if we are operating on the same platform.

4. Create a bibliography documenting ALL of the sources that have inspired you on your journey. You need to consult a minimum of 10 sources*. USE BOOKS. DO NOT RELY ON THE INTERNET!!!! I promise you, you will find much more information in books.

5. Write a paragraph describing your unique approach to the script (Conceptualization). Use elements form your Script and Character Analysis to justify your choices. Remember, you are trying to support the message of the story. Try not to force your script into a world that stretches your text beyond recognition. If you have to change too many of the Given Cirumstances of the script, you have probably chosen a concept that is forced.

What you will turn in:

1. You Key Research images.

2. Your comprehensive Bibliography.

3. Your concept justification. ¬†As always, papers need to be typed using 12pt font, 1″ margins and double spaced. This is a formal paper and should reflect the attributes of good writing (HINT….use those spell checkers and do not use contractions). Points will be deducted for spelling and lack of formality in your writing.

What you will be graded upon:

1. Depth and breadth of your research*.

2. The variety of your source material.

3. The appropriateness of your chosen concept.

4. The presentation of your Key Images.

*Remember that only doing the minimum requirement–even written well–will earn you a grade of ‘C’