What you will do:

1. You are creating 2 professional Costume Plates (one for each character) for your design.

2. You are gathering fabric swatches to communicate the types of materials in which you intend to realize your work.

3. Present your design to your peers. Again, presentation order will be chosen randomly. So, be ready to present on the first day of presentations.

What you will turn in:

1. Two costume plates with figures 8-10″ tall. Each plate will have show title, character name, scene/moment of the play, swatches, any additional notes needed to explain your design and designer’s name worked into the presentation of the design.

2. Be sure that all aspects of your artwork–drawings, swatches, color palette, research, etc.–receive professional attention. Good salesmanship depends upon visual presentation as much as verbal.

3. Gather all previously graded components of your Design Project. Collect them in a binder or folder with your name upon it.

You will be graded upon:

1. Presentation of you materials both verbally and visually.

2. Clarity of your design

3. Professionalism

4. Creative synthesis of your research

5. Effectiveness of your design

6. The completeness of the final presented package.