What you will do:

1. Take a photo of an interesting stranger. Do NOT use someone that you know. It is imperative that you chose a subject that interests you, and not someone with which you have had the opportunity to interact.

2. Write a paper describing what their appearance and clothing choices say about them. Use the “Seven things that Clothing Suggests According to Anthropologists” as guidelines. (REMINDER: The list includes: Position/Status in Society, Gender, Occupation, Flamboyance vs. Modesty, Independence vs. Regimentation, Occasion, Personality). You should devote a full paragraph to each of these things PLUS anything else you feel inspired to say about your subject. You are basically writing a character analysis for your subject based upon their clothing. You should also include a paragraph that compares your subject to your chosen character, explaining the connection between them (keep reading).

3. Choose a fictional character from a play or work of literature who reflects similar character traits to your subject. The character may be from any location and any period. Please, refrain from using graphic novels, commercially available music video or already produced screenplays. The appearance of characters in these works have already been visually designed by another designer. I want you to be able to create a new, unique design for your character.

4. Use the elements in your photo to design a costume for your fictional character. This may be color, textures, line, shape, or any combination of the above. Do not simply copy the ensemble of your subject. Use it as inspiration for your character and create something new. Your photo subject is serving as evocative research for your fictional character.

5. Present your design to the class. You will have 3-4 minutes to “sell” your design to the class. Presentation order will be chosen at random, so be prepared to present on the first day of presentations.

What you will turn in:

1. Your Photo. It must be a minimum of 4 x 6″ and of a good quality for full credit. You need to capture the subject from head to toe–including the shoes that they are wearing. Points will be deducted for blurry, dark and photos that do not show your subject clearly.

2. Your Subject/Character analysis paper. All papers need to be typed using 12pt font, 1″ margins and strive for a 2 page minimum*. This is a formal paper and should reflect the attributes of good writing (HINT….use those spell checkers and do not use contractions). Points will be deducted for spelling and lack of formality in your writing.

3. A rendering of your fictional character wearing the costume that you have designed for them. This should be a color rendering in the media of your choice. The figure should be 8-10″ tall. Think about the presentation of your materials. Practice your salesmanship…it is a big part of being a designer.

You will be graded upon:

1. The clarity and quality of your photograph.

2. Thoroughness and quality of your Analysis paper.

3. Your creativity and ability to communicate your character choices through your rendering.

4. Your non-verbal presentation and organization of your design materials.

5. The quality of your verbal presentation to the class.