Description: A library research project about a specific clothing item, accessory, or other related item of significance during the period of time covered during the course. Select one of the topics below or create your own. See your instructor for topic approval.

Requirements: A 30-minute oral report, a visual presentation, a written report, and 5 questions on your topic to be used as possible test questions. Please refer to the specific instructions that follow.

Suggested topics:

  • Anglo-Saxon and Celtic Dress & Jewelry
  • Earrings-a Historical Study from the Ancient World to the 18th Century
  • Rings: Ancient-18th CenturyNecklaces: Ancient World to the 18th Century
  • Eyeglasses and Monocles, Antiquity to 18th Century
  • Watches and Pocket Watches, Antiquity to 18th Century
  • The Use of Cosmetics-Antiquity-18th Century
  • The Practice of Tattoo—Antiquity-18th CenturyThe History of Armor
  • The History of Purses, Pouches, Reticules, Handbags (Antiquity-18th Century)
  • The History of Ecclesiastical Dress in the Catholic Church
  • Embroidery as a Decorative Treatment: Antiquity to 18th Century
  • Shoes- Antiquity to 18th Century
  • Furs in Dress: a Historical Overview from Antiquity to 18th Century
  • The Fan as a Fashion Accessory
  • Dress in the “New World”—North & South Native Americans

Written Report

-The written report must be 10-15 pages in length (double spaced, using 1” margins, and 12pt. standard type face/font). This means that you should have at least 10-15 pages of typed information about your topic. The title page, bibliography, and illustrations are counted as extra.

-You are expected to use a minimum of 6 sources (you may use your textbook as one of the sources). Be wary of Internet sources. Online student research projects and non-credible sources will not be accepted as one of your 6 sources. They may be included as supplemental sources, if you feel that they are credible based on your other research. Use your best judgement.

-Include a title page for your project. The title of your report, your name, the date, and the course number should all be clearly presented on this page.

-Include 2 bibliographies at the end of your written project. One bibliography should include all works cited within the text of your paper. This would also include any illustrations included within the text. All images must be clearly referenced. The second bibliography should be a citation of images used to create your visual display. Find a way to neatly number your illustrations/images on your PowerPoint slides, poster, etc. Each number should correspond with a bibliographic reference on your second bibliography.

-Your written report should be written in your own words. Avoid plagiarism by giving appropriate citations (reference citations or footnotes) for directly quoted information (quotation marks or single space format) and paraphrased information. As stated earlier, visual information must also be cited. Appropriate footnote and/or reference style should be used to document written and visual information. Refer to a standard MLA  or APA manual for examples.

-The written report may include illustrations, but they are not required since you will be including visual images in your oral presentation to the class. If you chose to include images in your written report, be certain that you maintain 10-15 pages of written text.

-You are expected to use professional standards in the final draft of your paper. It should be thoroughly proofread, with all typing and spelling errors corrected. Excessive errors will result in a point deduction from your final project grade.

-Create two copies of your paper. One will be graded and returned to you. The other will be kept on file. -Reports may be bound or stapled. Please refrain from using plastic folders with slip off bindings.

-Written reports are due on the day that you present your oral presentation.

-Please see your instructor if you have questions or desire assistance with your paper or your visual presentation.

Oral Report

You will be expected to give an oral report covering your topic. You will be sharing a session with the classmates in your group, so your presentation should not be longer than 25-30 minutes. You should include the highlights of your written presentation. The history, cultural significance, evolution, and key characteristics of your topic should be covered. You are teaching the class. Be sure that you impart upon your classmates the ideas that you feel are the most important. Be prepared to answer questions posed by your classmates. The more thorough your research, the more prepared you will be.

Visual Presentation

-You are to create a visual presentation in the format of your choosing. One of the easiest way to accomplish this is by using Powerpoint. If you intend to use the instructor’s computer for playback, it is imperative that a copy of your powerpoint be sent to her to insure that everything operates/translates properly. You are welcome to run your presentation from your own computer.

-Be sure to include visuals that aid in the explanation of your topic. Limit text in your visual presentation to moments of clarification and/or enforcement of the main themes of your presentation.

-Regardless of what computer you use during your presentation, you will need to submit a copy of your visual presentation to your instructor. See your instructor with any questions.

-Each visual should be numbered and referenced in bibliographic form. A separate bibliography for the visuals used in these presentations is required in addition to the bibliography for your paper.

-Be creative!

Test Questions

You will be expected to write five test questions on your topic. These may be included on one of the four exams. Be sure to create questions concerning your main points of interest. Your classmates will be expected to answer these questions from the information that you provide during your oral report. They will not receive copies of your research paper, so the questions should be answerable based off of what is heard in class. Be certain to be clear and specific both when writing your questions and presenting the material. Test questions will be subject to editing before they appear in test form. Include your questions (and desired answers) with your written report.